Potluck in the Park

Bring your friends and family together to create a potluck to enjoy with our street family!

We are looking for volunteers to form their own teams to provide the food and friendship for  our street family at our monthly Potluck In The Park, the 3rd Saturday of the month. Potlucks in the Park are a great opportunity for community members to come together with our street family for a meal. There is time to enjoy each other’s company, listen to stories,laugh, and enjoy home cooked food.

We Are Not Invisible will host the event, bring tables and awnings, and get the word out to out street family.  Volunteers  will have their own team of their family, friends, and co-workers join together to create a meal for our street family members .It must be a home cooked meal ( your choice) and enough to serve 200 people. We always encourage families to bring their kids out. We also encourage teams to bring activities and music!

Instructions for volunteering

  1. Read the information on this page
  2. Email info@wanif.org to request a month to do Potluck In the Park
  3. Work on you team
  4. Prepare for the event. Make sure you have ALL the supplies you will need. (see below)
  5. The day of the event, your whole team needs to be on site a half hour early for a quick volunteer briefing and to set up.
  6.  You are responsible for yourself and all volunteers to follow volunteer rules (see below) All volunteers will get a volunteer event quick sheet with the rules and will be responsible for signing a volunteer agreement form.

Meal Ideas:

Winter time, we focus on soups, hot sandwiches, and hot cocoa and coffee. .
Summer months, we focus on salad, cold sandwiches, cold beverages, crackers and cheese, and snack packs.
We are ALWAYS interested in doing ice cream Sundays in the Park .

Spending time with the Street Family is our priority

With our potlucks in the park we do not only serve food but we also sit and talk with our street family members .Our potlucks in the park is a way to bridge the communication gap between are fortunate in less fortunate. We ask teams who volunteer to agree to not stay behind the serving table or simply sit with each other, but to to go and eat with the street family. If you are not feeling confident going up to people, you may be able to follow Dez and We Are Not Invisible volunteers as they engage our street family.

Be prepared

While We Are Not Invisible will provide tables and a pop up awning for the event, as well as promotion to our street family, keep in mind that teams will need to have all the items needed to serve all guests. Some items that you may or will need to bring are:

  • Portable burners, grill, or heating equipment to cook or heat food.
  • Paper items and Utensils needed for the food and drinks, such as spoons, forks, knives, plates, cups, and napkins
  • Serving spoons and tongs
  • paper towels
  • condiments
  • beverages
  • optional: music, live or through portable speakers
  • optional: sports equipment and other activity supplies

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